Planetary Mixer Photos

Laboratory Models


DPM-1qt Quart
This 1 Quart Model includes a touch screen control panel.

DPM 1/2 Pint
1/2 Pint Model - includes vacuum construction, a jacketed mix vessel & a charge port in hood.

DPM 1 Quart
This 1 Quart Vacuum Model includes a variable speed drive and a reverse lift to raise mix vessel to hood.

DPM 2 Gallon
Unit has 2 gallon capacity, "HV" blades & a fully integrated control system. Mounted on a portable bench with vacuum pump. Mix vessel includes wheels.

DPM 1 Quart Sanitary
The DPM 1 Quart model is entirely constructed of polished stainless steel. Mix vessel is raised to the fixed mixing blades.

DPM 2 - Sanitary
This benchtop DPM 2 with HV blades is our sanitary design. Controls are built into the console. Designed for vacuum operation to 29.5hg.

DPM 2 - Standard
This DPM 2 on a bench with HV blades is typical of a standard model. Included are controls, vacuum construction, charge ports and a jacket for heating/cooling.

DPM 1 Pint
DPM 1 Pint Model includes vacuum, jacketing, controls, sight/charge port & a light in the hood.

Sanitary Construction
Laboratory and Production Models are available with highly polished stainless steel parts, and quickly disconnected components for fast cleaning between batches..

Production Models

DPM 40
DPM 40 includes standard rectangular blades.

DPM 10
This DPM 10 Model is designed for vacuum, includes a portable electrically heated mix vessel, and a discharge system.

DPM 100
This 100 gallon vacuum mixer includes controls, HV blades and a reverse lift to raise the mix vessel to the fixed hood. .

DPM 100
Vacuum design, jacketed stainless steel mix vessel, and a standard air/oil hydraulic lift to raise and lower agitators are featured.

DPM 200
This 200 gallon raised base model includes vacuum, standard blades, and a portable mix vessel.

DPM 500
A dual post hydraulic lift design with standard rectangular blades and 500 gallons mix capacity.

DPM 500 -HV
500 gallon Dual Post model with "HV" blades for viscosities up to 8,000,000 cps..

DPM 750
750 gallon capacity vacuum mixer with special finger blades and wall scraper.

Laboratory Models

PDM 2 - Sanitary
This 2 gallon PowerMix and discharge system was built to meet sanitary processing standards. Controls are built into the mixer frame

4 gallon PowerMix and Discharge System mounted on a common bench. Designed for vacuum operation and includes controls.

A standard 2 gallon model with vacuum, jecketing, sight/charge ports controls and light in hood.

PDM 4 & Discharge System
This PowerMix and Discharge System are mounted on a common bench and include complete controls, a vacuum pump and heat transfer system.

Production Models

PDM 10
10 Gallon working capacity model designed for vacuum, includes a jacketed mix vessel on wheels with a large handle to conveniently move the vessel.

PDM 100
This 100 gallon mixer includes a planetary blade and dual high speed chopper blades. The chopper blades are typically used for fine dispersion of pigments in dry powders..

PDM 40
Special 40 gallon model designed for vacuum and internal pressure operation. Themix vessel is raised to permit direct discharge into containers after the mix process is finished.

PDM 40
Stadard model includes vacuum hood and a conventional high speed dispersion blade.

PDM 200
This 200 gallon unit includes vacuum, a jackted vessel, variable speed drives and a vessel with fork lift channels to enable easy movement between processes.

PDM 100 Sanitary
Sanitary mixers are often constructed entirely of stainless steel. This model also included a reverse hydraulic lift to raise the vessel for mixing. This design allows for fixed connections to the vacuum hood.